The following rules apply for any call duty at the cattery.

They have been established out of respect for you, for the comfort of all our residents and to comply with the regulations in force.

We thank you for presenting the supporting documents upon your arrival.

Strict entry conditions for your animal

To be welcomed into Eden Cats Cattery, all cats (without exception) must be:

  • IDENTIFIED (electronic chip or tattoo)
  • STERILIZED AND VACCINATED before their arrival at the pension.
  • TREATED against parasites (worms, ticks, fleas)

The health record is compulsory. It will be kept at the pension for the duration of the stay.The FIV/FeLV test, as well as the rabies vaccine are highly recommended, especially for collective housing.Vaccines must be less than a year old. The last recall must have been made at least 10 days before admission to the cattery.


In case of fleas or worms, the pension reserves the right to treat your cat with a veterinary product. Additional costs will be billed to you for the anti parasitic treatment of your cat and other residents if necessary, the cleaning of spaces and fabrics, as well as mileage costs if necessary.

Treatment protocol for your cat: deworming and flea/tick repellent must be administered 10 days before arrival.

Guest house visit

If you want to visit and get to know each other, it will be a pleasure! You can make an appointment to come and discover our cattery. Reception is by prior appointment. For the organization of the cattery and the needs of the residents, please respect the agreed times.

Reservation and payment

To ensure peaceful holidays, be sure to book as early as possible, especially for all school holidays, weekends and public holidays.
To be validated, any booking must be confirmed by the payment of a deposit representing 30% of the amount of the stay. The remaining part will be paid on the day of arrival.

We accept checks, cash and bank transfers for the payment of deposits and services (in some cases).


In case of cancellation less than 15 days before the scheduled date, the deposit is not refunded. Except in very exceptional cases.




Arrivals and departures are by appointment only.


Meals are included in the price of the stay. We serve Royal Canin veterinary quality kibbles and all kinds of pâtés to vary the pleasures.

If your feline has a special diet, please let us know and bring enough food for its stay.


You are required to present an animal in good health, or failing that, to notify us in the event of health concerns. Eden Cats reserves the right to refuse custody to a cat whose state of health is deemed incompatible with a stay in the cattery.

In the event of illness or death of the animal during and after its stay, the veterinary and mileage costs will remain the responsibility of the owner. Eden Cats cannot be held responsible. If your cat shows suspicious signs, the Eden Cats Cattery will notify you and have it examined by the veterinarian attached to the cattery, and make every effort to treat them.

Some diseases can be present for months or even years in the body of some cats, without it having any visible symptoms. Eden cats cannot be held responsible for the following diseases in particular: Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), FIV (“cat AIDS”), Leucosis, certain chronic forms of Coryza, renal or hepatic insufficiency, ringworm. And whether these diseases appear during or after the stay.


Eden Cats carry out the cleaning, disinfection of the premises and the maintenance of the litter boxes every day and the disinfection of the rooms before each arrival and after each departure.

If an infestation is detected during the stay, we reserve the right to treat your cat (ticks and fleas) or to have it treated by a veterinarian (worms). The treatment, the veterinary visit and the travel expenses will be invoiced to you in addition.

In the event of an incident

Eden Cats is committed to implement all necessary means to preserve the health of the cats entrusted to it and to ensure their well-being. However, by entrusting their cat to Eden Cats, the client acknowledges that keeping an animal whose behavior is partly unpredictable prevents them from exercising permanent and absolute control over it. In addition, access to the outside and the existence of platforms at height imply the acceptance, by the customer, of the existence of a risk inherent in the very nature of the cat.


Eden Cats cannot be held responsible:
– From an accidental injury caused by the circulation of the cat on the different platforms.
– From an accidental injury caused by another cat, despite all the efforts invested to supervise the animals having access together to the outside or to select the animals sharing the same room.


In the event of repeated damage to the installations (territorial marking, dirtiness, etc.), requiring the replacement of structural elements, a flat-rate contribution will be required.

Run away

If, despite all our precautions, an animal runs away, we undertake to notify the owner immediately. If our responsibility is involved, the owner must provide the necessary elements for compensation (purchase invoice for example).


The cattery declines all responsibility in the event of illness or death of a resident during its stay. If the owner wishes, we can ask for a referring veterinarian’s death certificate, at the owner’s expense.


If, exceptionally, your cat has an imperative veterinary visit during your absence, we can bring it to our partner veterinarian by prior agreement, with a supplement of €0.40/km.

Contact details :
Clinique vétérinaire des Bastides

Behavior and cohabitation

If your cat is used to the presence of other cats and does not like to be alone, we offer collective lofts which accommodate 6 or 7 cats maximum. If they prefer solitude (everyone has the right to have their own sensitivity) or if their health does not allow them to be placed in a collective environment, it is possible to privatize a loft or install them in a cottage.

However, the owners knows their companion better than anyone: please let us know if your cat has behavioral sensitivities. We will choose accommodation adapted to their personality with all the necessary comfort.

To preserve a neutral space so that each cat can take advantage of the boarding facilities, personal effects (cushions, toys, blankets, etc.) are only authorized in individual accommodation.

Human presence

A permanent supervision of our residents is ensured for care, cleaning, food, games and especially hugs. At Eden Cats, we do everything to avoid the psychological isolation of our residents.

Cares (injections, medication, eye care, etc.) will only be possible if the animal is cooperative.



Eden Cats declares that it has taken out professional civil insurance with the insurer MAAF. The administration of medication is done only on presentation of the prescription prescribed by a veterinarian.

The owner must be insured in civil liability for his animal, the owner remains responsible for all possible damage caused by their animal during their stay at the cattery, except for serious fault attributable to the cattery.

Early release

In case of early exit of the animal, the planned days are due.


A referrer who does not pick up their cat on the scheduled date must notify Eden Cats as soon as possible. Your cat will continue to be cared for, but additional fees will be charged when the cat is taken over.

After the 8-day period without news from the referent, the cat will be considered abandoned and will be entrusted to a shelter (association, SPA, etc.) for a new adoption.

Eden Cats Cattery

Frequently asked questions

Cats in individual cottages have access to their own fenced garden. They therefore have no physical contact with other cats. On the other hand, they can observe the other residents who also benefit from their own fenced exterior garden.

Each cat in individual housing can enjoy green spaces in complete safety. We limit the risk of fights thanks to the gardens separated by a fence. In addition, they are not bored since they can observe others. Finally, this contact from afar can contribute to a certain desensitization of fearful cats who can gradually get used to seeing other cats and feeling more secure.

Yes, we provide high quality croquettes and pâtés. You therefore do not need to plan meals during your cat’s stay. On the other hand, if your cat has health problems and benefits from a food prescribed by your veterinarian, we ask you to bring it in sufficient quantity to cover the entire stay.

To guarantee the well-being and health of our felines, all our guests must be: up to date with their vaccinations, sterilised or neutered (for cats over 6 months old), identified by tattoo or microchip, treated for fleas and ticks at least 10 days before their arrival and wormed less than three months previously.

The accommodations are perfectly insulated and heated in winter. Our priority is the comfort of your cat.

If your cat is in collective housing, we have everything planned: toys, litters, fleece fabrics and baskets for everyone. We thank you for not bringing personal objects to avoid tensions between residents.If your cat is in individual housing, it is indeed advised to bring their toys, basket and possibly a t-shirt with your scent. This is to prevent loneliness and help them to calmly wait until your return.

For organizational reasons, any cancellation within 30 days of arrival entails the loss of the deposit. For any further information on cancellations and early departures, we invite you to consult our General Conditions.

We invite you to follow us on our social networks where you can take a look at our daily life with the cats at the cattery. In addition, it is with pleasure that we can regularly send messages, photos or videos of your pet’s stay.

If your cat needs urgent care, we have the possibility to take him to our partner veterinarian 20 minutes away. This decision is made with your prior consent. Additional charges apply.

Yes, Charlène is trained to administer insulin injections as needed. Contact us to discuss it further.

We accept checks, cash and bank transfers for the payment of deposits and services (in some cases).

Pension pour chats Eden Cats
Pension pour chats Eden Cats