Cat boarding in Lot-et-Garonne : 7 good reasons to choose Eden Cats

“I can’t adopt a cat because I often like to go on holiday.” That’s what your relatives and friends may say to you when you tell them about your own cat’s latest adventures. However, having a cat at home does not mean being under house arrest. If you’re ever away, your cat can take care of themselves for a couple of days, as long as they have plenty of kibble nibbles and water. But what about when you’re planning a longer holiday or going on  business trip ? Aside from the guilt or worry of leaving your pet unattended, there are a billion questions to ask. First of all, who’s going to come by and feed your kitty Who can you trust enough to spend time with your pet in your absence? When you live in the Lot-et-Garonne, halfway between Castillonnès and Villeneuve-sur-Lot and near Marmande., it’s now easy : Eden Cats is the safe and family-friendly pet-sitting facility Here in Moulinet, is a cat boarding house full of love where cats are kings: they play, have access to their private garden and enjoy the kind-hearted presence of Charlène and David.

Still hesitating? Here are 7 good reasons to entrust your cat to Eden Cats.

A quiet cattery in Moulinet with a presence all day long

Charlène and David live on site. You can therefore be sure that your cats are not left to their own devices. They visit each home (loft and individual cottages) at least twice a day to clean, brush, play, cuddle and take some pictures. You will be reassured to know that your pet is not left alone.


Care from a pet professional

For example, is your cat diabetic ? That’s not a problem at Eden Cats. The owners know the importance of care in your cat’s routine. Charlène is trained to give insulin injections. Not all pet sitters are trained to do this, let alone your neighbor. At Eden Cats, they understand the difficulty of leaving your pet when it needs specific care.

This is one of the most important reasons why Charlène and David decided to take over this fantastic cat pension in the heart of the Lot-et-Garonne.
After having travelled the world as an animal caretaker in parks and shelters, Charlène passed her ACACED and Animal First Aid diplomas. This knowledge and practice are essential to take care of your pet.

The presence of a partner veterinarian is comforting: in case of emergency, the vets at the Monflanquin Clinic will diagnose your cat and provide the treatment necessary, with your agreement. You can go away with peace of mind ; your cat is in good hands.

A cattery in the heart of nature in the Lot-et-Garonne

Eden Cats is nestled in a quiet location in Moulinet, near the forest, in the middle of sunflowers (when in season!). If your cat is shy and fearful of city noises to which it is not accustomed, this is the ideal place to stay. Cats are housed in lofts or cottages, depending on their character and lifestyle. The boarding facility is optimally organized: each cat has access to a secure garden with grass and trees to climb, hide, and observe other cats in the other gardens. As soon as the weather is nice, each cat can explore its own piece of garden, in complete safety.

Choosing Eden Cats for Charlene’s loving and enthusiastic personality

If the pension is very well equipped with large secure parks and toys at will, the choice of the person to whom you entrust your cat to is essential. You do not establish a relationship of trust with the first professional who comes along. At Eden Cats, Charlène takes the time to get to know you. You are warmly welcomed at the cattery, by appointment, which allows you to have a full discussion to help you decide if it will meet your cat’s needs.

Would you like to see the inside of the cattery ? It is possible ! The owners are happy to organize a visit upon request. You will be able to see the accommodation, observe the cats playing in their fenced park, and learn more about the organization.


Receive daily updates from your pet to reassure you

Your cat’s well-being is your priority, because he or she is a member of the family. When you decide to leave your cat while you are away, you need to be reassured that all is well. At Eden Cats, Charlène and David know this feeling by heart. Indeed, they have animals themselves: two dogs and three cats that make them happy. They know perfectly well that you like to receive news regularly, and that you need to see that your cat has settled down well in this new environment. Every day, Charlène and David get to know your cat, give them the affection needed and take the time to take beautiful pictures to send to you.

Do you like to receive touching videos and see your cat spending happy days during his vacations at the cattery boarding kennel? With great pleasure!

A pension in the 47 where everything is provided

The chore of carrying all your cat’s belongings and food to the the cattery boarding kennel is over. At Eden Cats, everything is provided.

  • Good quality nibbles and wet food are served every day in sufficient quantity;
  • There are toys to play with to help to keep your cat happy;
  • Trees for cats to climb, scratch and watch the world go by;
  • In each dwelling, baskets and soft cushions are provided to make your cat feel at home.
  • A cat that is not stimulated enough can get depressed and bored. That’s why the owners of the boarding kennel have made every effort to provide a fun and playful environment.

Choose a cat pension in the Southwest, where your cat will be received like family.
And sometimes, when you come to pick up your cat, you can go home with a little attention from the owners (cookies, treats for cats, toys, chocolate,.. anything that might make you and your cat happy). Many of the cats they take in come back on a very regular basis. Finding a reliable cat care solution is one less thing to worry about! Eden Cats has a 4.9/5 rating on Google.

To learn more about the boarding facility and the accommodations, visit the Eden Cats website.
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